tasty and crunchy

The Love For Tea & Leisure

Is Here To Stay !

An everyday is incomplete without tea and that is the kind of market we have! With the pandemic, the demand for organized outlets and hygienically handled cafes are increasing and food delivery platforms have added to this opportunity further more.

For a country where tea is a way of life and enlivens conversations, Pepper Tea savours this spirit and brings you a solid business model brewed with an exquisite menu-mix, undeniable the best to franchise!

We are

NOT ‘Just Another Snack Outlet’ Kind

There is something for everyone.

From a treat-time, a quick grab for a food craving to completely satisfy hunger pangs,
we stand out in what we offer! Spice-induced hot teas, cold shakes, sumptuous sandwiches,
rolls, cookies, Maggie and more makes it an ideal place for anyone at any time.

Options are endless, light, medium or heavy, no one goes half-hearted!

  • Highly Impressive Curated Menu
  • High Quality at Affordable Pricing
  • Simple yet Powerful Brand Recall
  • Quick Delivery Options
  • Tried and Tested Products

Franchise Engagement

You have a soft corner for tea and a passion for food business?
You are at the right place.

You can choose an outlet model based on the area you propose to own.
From outlet set-up, operations to market promotions we are here with you!

100 Sq ft.

Kiosk (100 Sq ft.)

A quick to grab Kiosk model, finely utilizes a minimum place and seating to attract food lovers in the busiest of settings.

250 Sq ft.

Express (250 Sq ft.)

Express provides a decent café atmosphere, giving food lovers a sweet sense of break and hanging out.

250 - 500 Sq ft.

Tea Nest (250 - 500 Sq ft.)

True to its name, Tea Nest gives food lovers a happy escape with lovely food and leisure, in an ambience worth to dine-in.

Great products, delightful menu-mix and expert franchisor support.

Don’t Miss On A Business Opportunity

Brewed To Perfection

Our Model

Franchise engagement details Amount (in Rs.)
Space requirement for outlet 100-500 sft.
Unit Franchise Investment starts from 7 Lakhs
Master Franchise Investment starts from 20 Lakhs

Franchise Enquiry

We would be happy to help you with any kind of business queries on Franchising.

    Franchise Enquiry